Voice of the Voiceless: Online and Offline Activism With Peter Young

Through avenues such as facebook, blogging and twitter, the internet has arguably become a powerful avenue for activists to share information, debate topics, and organize themselves. Though many (including Peter Young) would question the value and worth of online activism, it is for many veterans in the animal advocacy movements a new and necessary tool for getting the word out about emerging issues and getting people fired up. On this week’s program we get an update on his Voice of the Voiceless website, a tool which he hopes will provide “actionable” information for activists who wish to get off the internet and hit the streets. We also discuss the Morgan, Utah, a small town that holds 13 fur farms in its tiny territory and which will be the site of the upcoming Fur Free Utah convergence.

Peter Young is a veteran animal liberation activist and former political prisoner convicted for his role in liberating thousands of animals from fur farms across the country. Emerging from a grand jury indictment, 7 years of being wanted by the FBI, a federal prison sentence, and nearly 15 years in the animal liberation movement; today Peter is a frequent lecturer at universities and events, writer on liberation movements, and unapologetic supporter of those who work outside the law to achieve human, earth, and animal liberation.

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