The Great Chimp Migration: An Interview with Save The Chimps’ Jen Feuerstein

Join us on this week’s Animal Voices as we speak with Save The Chimps’ Jen Feuerstein. As Shelter Director, Jen is responsible for overseeing the operations of the STC shelters in Alamogordo, New Mexico and Fort Pierce, Florida, and for the “Great Chimp Migration,” which seeks to move the chimps currently housed at Alamogordo to the much bigger and custom built Florida facility. In a conversation ranging from the politics and economics of vivisection to the way that chimpanzees form familial bonds, Jen demonstrates her vast knowledge of chimps as individuals, and the ins and outs of running a shelter.

We also discuss the life and legacy of Dr. Carole Noon, founder of Save The Chimps, whose life serves as a guiding light for those looking to make a difference in any social justice struggle. Tune in to hear Jen’s tribute to STC’s founder and her dear friend, an indomitable woman who single-handedly established a lifelong home for chimps who had otherwise led lives as test subjects, entertainment props, and ill-advised pets.

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