An Ocean of Energy: An Interview with Bob Timmons

Few activists can boast the energy and determination of Bob Timmons. Bursting onto the Toronto animal advocacy community just two short years ago, Bob has proven himself since to be a dedicated and tireless member of groups such as ARKII. He has written letters, facilitated networking among activists, and logged countless hours of in-the-streets activism. In addition to his on-the-ground work, Bob also continues to create stunning “awareness paintings” that call attention to the ever-tragic stories of marine animals around the world as he pushes his visual arts practice without concern for profit or fame.

Join us for this conversation where we learn about how Bob became passionate about animal issues, specifically marine conservation, and be a part of an exclusive announcement that Bob is now on the advisory board of Oceanic Defense! This is a portrait of an activist that you don’t want to miss.

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Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the interview.

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