Vegan Mind Meld: An Interview with Comedian Myq Kaplan

Is there something about veganism that is inherently funny? What exactly is funny about being a vegan comedian performing at a steakhouse? Is legalizing human-animal marriage really the next step after legalizing gay marriage? In this conversation with vegan comedian Myq Kaplan, we discuss the finer points of being a funny and conscientious person, comedy as outreach, and New Year’s Resolutions. With comedy that’s as pointed as a rusty nail (and just as infectious!) Myq Kaplan provides us with 45 min of laughter in the form of his voice. You’ll laugh until you cry, I promise.

From his website: A Jewy-ish vegan atheist who spells the name “Mike” weird, Myq enjoys words, social justice, Netflix, and comic books. Also non-comic books, ping-pong, and being great with women. And grammar and run-on sentence fragments. And of course, being hilarious to his demographic, which is anyone who might know the word “demographic”.

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or download an mp3 of the interview.

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