Rescate Abierto: Open Rescues and Inspiration with Igualdad Animal’s Sharon Núñez

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In the (Western) world of image streams and media saturation, Igualdad Animal (Animal Equality) knows how to play the game, and be effective. Having built a strong network of supporters and activists across Spain (and now expanding to the UK, Colombia and Venezuela), the group holds close to a dozen actions per week, sometimes more, garnering public attention, generating discussion, and keeping the idea of abolishing animal exploitation circulating in the Spanish public consciousness. In all they do, whether it is rescates abiertos (open rescues) or town square demonstrations advocating veganism, Igualdad Animal does their work in a way that is ethically sound, attention grabbing, and serious. You won’t see any women in lettuce bikinis here.

In this, our third conversation with Igualdad Animal founder and director Sharon Núñez, we discuss the philosophy behind IA, the importance of open rescues, and the way that image obsessed Western culture can still be touched by a serious dedication to the truth. An inspiration for abolitionist activists everwhere, Sharon and IA prove that you don’t need to resort to childish antics to garner media attention, and that demanding abolition of animal slavery can be a goal that is reached for with more than just carefully worded pamphlets.

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