Rat Chick: An Interview with Maria Pandolfi

For most people, even people who might consider themselves “animal lovers,” the rat is not a very loved animal. They are commonly seen as pests by the majority of people who have never had contact with them, and outside of that context, they are used extensively in animal testing / research, and also bred as “feeder animals” for exotic pets such as snakes. Unfortunately for rats, the misconceptions and fears about them that lead to their use and abuse couldn’t be further from the truth.

Maria Pandolfi, the operator of Rat Chick Rat Rescue in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, sees rats very differently, and wants you to rethink your perception of them as well. Her organization works tirelessly to adopt out rats from situations of breeding, feeding, vivisection and abuse, and get them to forever homes where they will be cared for and appreciated for the amazing animals that they are.

Tune in to hear about Pandolfi’s no-nonsense approach to rat rescue and advocacy, and how you can become a rat guardian yourself.

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