Animals and Ethics: Mapping the Debate with Angus Taylor

When researching the philosophical debates over the use and abuse of animals, it can be difficult to find an impartial voice to guide you through the various positions that might be taken up.  Animals and Ethics, a book by Angus Taylor now in its third edition, attempts to be that impartial guide, providing the reader with a multiplicity of angles to consider. In his book, Taylor maps out popular contemporary and historical debates about animal ethics in a concise and accessible way, while also taking some interesting twists and turns in his journey from past to present.

If you’ve ever wondered if there is more to “rights” than a discussion of property, if you’ve ever wanted to know the history of the philosophies behind animal ethics, or if you’re just curious to know why Darwin might be considered a philosopher of animal ethics, check out Taylor’s book, and this interview.

Listen right now:

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