Skin Trade, Pt. II: A Follow-Up Interview With Shannon Keith

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The Fur Industry is at-once an incredibly complicated set of powerful economic relationships, and also a fragile commercial establishment built on a powerful illusion of luxury. Following up her film about the ALF, Behind The Mask, Shannon Keith returns to Animal Voices to discuss Skin Trade, her fast-paced examination of Big Fur that gives viewers plenty to ponder and talk about. From interviews with indigenous American elders in support of subsistence hunting, to interviews with outspoken activists and undercover investigators, to interviews with both pro- and anti-fur fashion designers, Keith covers the bases well and paints a picture of an industry steeped in fraud and working relentlessly to promote a clean and green image. If you think fur-bearing animals are gently shaved for their fur or euthanized lovingly before they are skinned, and if you think fur is a good environmental fashion choice that also provides real luxury, this film — and this interview — is for you.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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