Finding a New Way: An Interview with PCRM’s Dr. John J. Pippin

Animal experimentation is arguably the most contentious issue facing animal advocates today. Whether it is because of perceived necessity or a false sense of scientific security, much of the general public sees nothing wrong with experimenting on mice, dogs, or even primates, if it means saving human lives. In this interview, Dr. John J. Pippin of the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine discusses his history with animal testing, the decision that led him to abandon the practice, and the alternatives he sees as possible replacements. We also discuss the PCRM’s upcoming Animals, Research and Alternatives Conference to be held in Washington, DC this coming August. The conference hopes to bring together scientists, students, and policymakers who see a need for change, and have a will to move forward.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

2 thoughts on “Finding a New Way: An Interview with PCRM’s Dr. John J. Pippin

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