Muzzling A Movement: Talking Advocacy and “Terrorism” with Dara Lovitz

Many animal advocates have heard about the Animal Enterprises Terrorism Act (AETA), but how much do we know about its history, or the nitty gritty details about how it’s been applied? Far from having been created in a vacuum, the AETA – and the legislation that preceded it – has a backstory that is steeped in political jockeying, hidden money, and a disregard for the US constitution. In her new book, Muzzling A Movement: The Effects of Anti-Terrorism Law, Money & Politics, attorney Dara Lovitz offers a lucid and comprehensive account of the story behind the AETA, the bills that came before it, and the way its unique language has been applied in a small number of precendent smashing cases. It is a story that often reads like a political thriller, which might be entertaining if it wasn’t so scary. In this interview, Lovitz goes further to describe the potential “chilling” effect that the AETA could have on above ground activism, and why activists should rise above the fear to keep speaking out for animals.

For more information about Muzzling A Movement, including a host of resources and downloadable documents, check out the official website.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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