BIRDOLOGY: An interview with Sy Montgomery

Birds. Everywhere you go, there they are. The word “bird” denotes a huge category of non-human animals that we see, hear, or otherwise interact with on a daily basis. With enthusiasm and aplomb, Sy Montgomery (previously the author of The Good Good Pig) brings us Birdology, a book that examines the plethora of birds that inhabit the world and gives us a more than a few reasons to want to have wings. From observations of the group of hens living with her to an examination of the dangerously beautiful cassowary to watching murders of crows cracking nuts on a highway in Japan, the book (and this interview!) is a compassionate and empathetic journey into the world of our winged friends that you won’t soon forget.

Sy Montgomery writes for children as well as adults. For this book, Sy took years of falconry lessons and worked with a rehabilitator to raise (and later release to the wild) orphaned baby hummingbirds born the size of bumblebees, and traveled to Australia to see the most dangerous birds in the world. She lives in New Hampshire.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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