Answering the Question: “What Do Vegans Eat, Anyway?”

We are joined by Kelly Childs, founder and owner of Kindfood – a new and blossoming vegan cafe/bakery/grocery located in Burlington, Ontario. Besides discussing the benefits of healthy eating and wholesome vegan baking, Childs dishes on why the store has been generating such a buzz over its array of savoury vittles and decadent deserts. Kindfood offers an exceptional menu and product line of veganized comfort and innovative dishes, all while not compromising an iota on health. This vegan hub emphasizes gluten-free, organic, local, and fair-trade ingredients and products.  We swear, it’s worth the trip just for Childs’ healthy take on the classic Oreo!

As well, we are joined by David Alexander, Executive Director of the Toronto Vegetarian Association (TVA). David is hard at work in the final planning stages of the upcoming 26th Annual Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair, which runs from September 10th – September 12th at the Harbourfront Centre. He walks us through what visitors can expect from the event this year, including a range of exciting speakers, advocacy and activism opportunities and, of course, lots of veg(etari)an food!  (Bring your reusable dishes, and if you’re really ambitious, a cooler to stash that vegan cheese cake!)

News articles from CBC and AFP

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