DIY Punk Ethics and Animal Activism: Dylan Powell of the Vegan Police

Dylan Powell’s tireless efforts have helped establish Niagara, Ontario, as a major hotbed for vegan and animal rights activism in Canada.

Started in 2008 as a campus community radio show, Dylan’s punk DIY baby, the Vegan Police (VP), has since migrated to podcast and has become, along with the creation of the extensive VP website, a labour of love for him and the rest of his vegan “precinct” (Crista Murphy and Ryan Sexton). The website, blog, and podcast remain instrumental for organizing the vegan community in Niagara and offer a vital news and information service through these folks’ particular brand of DIY punk ethics and animal activism.

Of the Vegan Police’s goals, Dylan writes, “All we ever want to do is a) promote veganism (especially the local community) b) provide a wide array of viewpoints from the vegan/animal rights community c) promote independent music made by veg/vegan musicians.”

In this interview, we discuss not only Dylan and crew’s accomplishments with VP but also the campaign to move a municipally-owned St. Catharines’ petting zoo, Happy Rolph’s, toward sanctuary status after a tragic turn of events this summer. You can keep up to date about these efforts via the Happy Rolph’s Sanctuary Initiative Facebook page. Tune in to learn how a good mix of heart and edge can make amazing things happen!

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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