Palm Oil and Habitat Loss: An Interview with Helen Buckland of the Sumatran Orangutan Society

We’re joined by Helen Buckland from the Sumatran Orangutan Society, an organization that works to protect the habitat of Sumatran orangutans from a variety of threats. Crucially, palm oil plantations in particular continue to play a major role in jeopardizing these animals. During our short but informative interview, Helen educates both us and our listeners … Continue reading

Forbidden Creatures: Peter Laufer Takes Us Into the World of the Exotic Animal Trade

Over the course of writing his latest book, Forbidden Creatures, journalist and author Peter Laufer went to some truly strange places, and met some truly strange people. Driven by an egotistical and eccentric desire to dominate and get noticed, exotic animal keepers, traders, and smugglers occupy a nether region of the world that is sometimes … Continue reading

Me, My Fight, My Problem, Tonight: An Interview with “Bold Native” Director Denis Henry Hennelly

“They say freedom isn’t free. Absolutely goddamn right. We spend our lives saying no. Not me, not my fight, not my problem, not tonight. What’s the difference between you and me? A few years ago I became someone who said yes. Me, my fight, my problem, tonight.” -Charlie Cranehill, from the film Bold Native Breaking … Continue reading

Bunnies on a Deadline: Saving the University of Victoria Feral Rabbits with Susan Vickery

Why would any person or organization want to kill a thousand bunnies? It may sound like a silly rhetorical question, but for the University of Victoria feral rabbit population, the question is literal and serious. With plans to expand the campus with new construction, the once-lauded bunnies of UVic have become an inconvenience to the … Continue reading