Skin Trade, Pt. II: A Follow-Up Interview With Shannon Keith

The Fur Industry is at-once an incredibly complicated set of powerful economic relationships, and also a fragile commercial establishment built on a powerful illusion of luxury. Following up her film about the ALF, Behind The Mask, Shannon Keith returns to Animal Voices to discuss Skin Trade, her fast-paced examination of Big Fur that gives viewers … Continue reading

Beyond the “Good Intentions”: Inside the Tiger Temple with Former Volunteer Fiona Patchett

Sometimes animal advocates who become volunteers with welfare/protection organizations are faced with the stark realization that the group they have chosen to dedicate their time to is not as good as they thought. Though the intentions of certain animal protection organizations might be good, how they put those intentions into practice can be deeply problematic, … Continue reading

A Relationship, Fraught: Discussing The Role of Dogs in Native Communities with WSPA’s Josey Kitson

Often considered a “third world within the first world” the hardships that aboriginal nations in Canada face on reserves are staggering. Lack of proper infrastructure, access to education, or clean drinking water are problems that are all too common, and these communities struggle on a consistent basis to get their basic needs met. In such … Continue reading

Rescate Abierto: Open Rescues and Inspiration with Igualdad Animal’s Sharon Núñez

In the (Western) world of image streams and media saturation, Igualdad Animal (Animal Equality) knows how to play the game, and be effective. Having built a strong network of supporters and activists across Spain (and now expanding to the UK, Colombia and Venezuela), the group holds close to a dozen actions per week, sometimes more, … Continue reading