Move Over Dog Whisperer: Alana Stevenson’s Training Your Dog the Humane Way

With a growing industry of products, services, and even TV shows, dog training is big business in the United States and Canada. But some of the most popular practices in the dog training world are abusive and rely on dominance and intimidation to control behavior. Alana Stevenson, author of Training Your Dog the Humane Way: Simple … Continue reading

Breaking Boundaries and Crossing Borders: The Status of Wolves in North America

This week we are joined by two guests from across the continent to talk about wolves. Sadie Parr, former director of the Canadian Wolf Coalition (which is now part of the Northern Lights Wildlife Wolf Centre) speaks to the Canadian context. Gary MacFarlan, Ecosystem Defense Director of Friends of the Clearwater, describes the situation for wolves living in the US. … Continue reading

Mainstreaming Veganism (With Humour): 10,000 Tastes, 10 Billion Reasons

This week we cover a recent Toronto event aptly named “10,000 Tastes, 10 Billion Reasons“. The event, held at both Young and Dundas Square (Canada’s busiest pedestrian intersection) and CIUT’s home at The University of Toronto’s Hart House, combined free vegan hot dogs with music, vegan celebrity appearances (including Farm Sanctuary co-founder Gene Baur and … Continue reading

Operation Crush Captivity!: Dylan Powell of Marineland Animal Defense

We were joined very briefly last week by grassroots, DIY activist and co-founder of The Vegan Police, Dylan Powell. Dylan discussed the news that Seaworld has won a lawsuit against Marineland over the custody and care of Ikaika, an 8 year old Orka. Dylan is back today to tell us more about the Marineland Animal Defense (MAD), whose stated goals … Continue reading

CRAVE: Cultivating Radical Activism, Vitality and Education; a Feature with Kevin Tillman of the Vegan Hip Hop Movement

Animal Voices is proud to present a special feature with Kevin Tillman of the Vegan Hop Hop Movement. Kevin has been working with youth as part of the CRAVE (Cultivating Radical Activism, Vitality and Education) community. Click below to learn more about CRAVE and to hear two fresh tracks recently recorded at the “ComUNITY Art … Continue reading

Animal Rights Repression in Spain: Arrested Activist Sharon Núñez Gough Speaks Out

This week we present a special interview with Sharon Núñez Gough, co-founder of Igualdad Animal / Animal Equality. She is one of the 12 animal activists (including members of Equanimal) arrested in Spain last Tuesday, June 22nd, 2011. She and 8 others have since been released with charges, while three others remain imprisoned. In this interview we hear … Continue reading

“What Pushed Me over the Edge Was a Deer Hunter”: A Talk with Christopher Hirschler about Being Vegan in North America

We are joined by Christopher Hirschler, assistant professor of Health Studies at Monmouth University.  Hirschler tells us about his paper “What Pushed Me over the Edge Was a Deer Hunter”: Being Vegan in North America, which asks questions about why people become began, how they stay vegan, and the impact of veganism on their relationships. Listen right … Continue reading

APieCalypse Now!

Vegan baker extraordinaire and self proclaimed dessert-enthusiast, Jenny Bundock, joins us to talk about her small vegan bakery that’s making a big impact on the Distillery District and U of T’s Farmer’s Market. APieCalypse Now! serves up delectable treats that are unabashedly Vegan, organic, and fair-trade because, as the APieCalypse Now! Facebook page says, “people are animals too, and vegan … Continue reading