AV 2011: Year in Review

We wanted to take some time on today’s show to look back at 2011 with the hope that it will help inspire an even better year of activism in 2012 as we work toward earth, animal, and human liberation. The Live Free Collective put it really well when reflecting on their first year of activism in 2011 when they wrote:

“Oppression is a collective process that surrounds us. It is easy to despair in response. It is our hope that this will provide perspective and motivate. Too often we lose sight of the important work that does get done and the end of a calendar year – and our first year – offers a great time to regroup and renew.”

So in keeping with The Live Free Collective’s hope to provide perspective and motivate, today’s show is a special 2011 in review episode. Tune in to hear highlights from interviews with Jonathan Balcombe, Jason Hribal, Will Potter, Jenny Bundock, lauren Ornelas, and of course, we hear from Kevin Tillman who re-introduces us to the Vegan Hip-Hop anthem, “Hood Diet” by Loer Velocity featuring and produced by Donnan Linkz.


Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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