Jon of the Dead: Vegan Cooking Meets Horror Movie Thrills in The Vegan Zombie

A post-apocalyptic cooking show? A host who dodges and battles the living dead when he’s not sneaking into abandoned kitchens and cooking up delicious vegan comfort food?

The Vegan ZombieIt may sound like an unlikely recipe for success, but Chris and Jon, creators of The Vegan Zombie, have combined years of cooking experience with top-notch videography and makeup to produce a bona fide hit. It’s fun, scary, suspenseful, and delivers inspiration and tips for novice and seasoned vegan chefs alike.

Tune in to hear how Chris and Jon develop their all-original recipes, what it takes to put together a zombie-filled film shoot, and how the “Zombie Crew” keeps expanding as other vegan celebs get in on the fun and guest-star in Jon’s adventures in a nightmare world of flesh-eaters.

Follow the story and try the recipes at

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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