Vegan Is Love: Author Ruby Roth Trusts Kids With the Truth About Why We Don’t Eat Animals

Ruby RothIt all started when the children in Ruby Roth’s art class asked why she didn’t eat the cheese strings at snack break. She went looking for a book she could read with the children, one that covered the full gamut of reasons for her veganism in a child-appropriate way. When she didn’t find one, she wrote and illustrated her own: That’s Why We Don’t Eat Animals and Vegan Is Love.

Join us as Roth discusses the books, her gentle but truthful approach to difficult topics, and her observations of the different reactions the books evoke from children and grownups. (And school cafeterias and TV news hosts!) Roth also shares her thoughts on how to give children the confidence to handle tricky social situations and how to approach talking about veganism with non-vegetarian partners, relatives, and friends.

Ruby Roth books

Listen right now:

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