2012: The Year in Review

Wave erasing 2012 written on the sand with 2013 on foreground

© iStockphoto.com / A-S-L

If you made a New Year’s resolution to catch up on your podcasts, then we have a treat for you! In this show, we feature highlights from the past year of interviews. Hear about life on board a Sea Shepherd vessel from Shannon Mann, and learn what it’s like to run a farm animal sanctuary from Jenny Brown. Let Morgan Lance fill you in on how Animals Asia’s Vietnam bear sanctuary is fighting an unjust eviction, and hear about the lessons Jennifer Cox brought to her animal activism from her work on queer, gender, and feminist issues. Find out how Mercy for Animals Canada brought the plight of pigs in Manitoba to a nation-wide TV audience, and finally, let motivational speaker (and hardcore singer!) Greg Bennick inspire you to wade deeper into activism in 2013!

2012 was Animal Voices’ 17th year on the air. The dedication, heart, and hard work of animal advocates everywhere continues to inspire us. It has been our honour to bring you their stories, and we hope you will continue to tune in for more in 2013!

Listen right now: [audio http://av.shows.s3.amazonaws.com/20130101_year_in_review.mp3]

or download an mp3 of the show.

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