Driving the Fur Trade Out of Ireland: Laura Broxson of the National Animal Rights Association

nara_logo_on_transparentLaura Broxson, founder of the National Animal Rights Association (NARA) in Ireland, joins Animal Voices to speak about campaigning against fur.

Last year, Ireland came within a hair’s breadth of banning fur farms, only to see the national government suddenly replaced by one friendly to fur farming. Undeterred, NARA is preparing for a busy year ahead. Building on impressive successes in Dublin — convincing stores to stop selling fur and convincing the city council to ban fur sales at its own fairs and markets — NARA will be taking the fight to the countryside: protesting and lobbying in the counties where mink farms exist, and pressuring the farms’ suppliers to quit dealings with them.

Broxson will also tell us about NARA’s work on circuses and vivisection, and share her best tips for staying safe while doing activist work.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

3 thoughts on “Driving the Fur Trade Out of Ireland: Laura Broxson of the National Animal Rights Association

  1. Laura is an amazing person, I only know here through her work for animal welfare. She and her group have achieved much to raise the profile of organized animal cruelty in Ireland. I salute her and wish her and all of those dedicated to working for a better deal for exploited animals.

  2. Laura is an amazing girl, the most valuable person I have mate in Dublin together with her pals from N.A.R.A.
    It is a tough commintment and need corage.
    We are all concern about animal welfare and everyone should speak out against animal abuse at spare time.
    Thanks N.A.R.A

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