Taking Care of (Vegan) Business: An Interview with Vegan Mainstream’s Stephanie Redcross

stephanie_redcross_150wSince founding Vegan Mainstream in 2009, Stephanie Redcross has provided consulting and marketing services to vegan entrepreneurs in sectors as diverse as publishing, food, fashion, retail, and travel. Today, Redcross joins Animal Voices to talk about how vegans turn their passion and talent into successful businesses. We’ll cover defining your market (hint: for vegan products, the target market is never just “vegans”), understanding how ethical consumers buy, and navigating the tricky territory of aligning your brand with specific activism. Tune in and you’ll also hear about the niche Redcross thinks is just waiting for business-savvy vegans to fill. Budding animal-friendly entrepreneurs, this show is for you!

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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