Hosting Vegan Secret Suppers with Mérida Anderson / Patricia Sims’ New Documentary Elephants Never Forget

Starting in a tiny Vancouver apartment, Mérida Anderson would serve elaborate, elegant 3–5 course meals to small groups of very lucky diners. Now her best recipes are collected in the cookbook Vegan Secret Supper. Tune in as Anderson discusses flavour combinations and ingredients you may not know about that can really take your vegan cooking to another level. Then once you are thoroughly tantalized, go pick up the cookbook! (We’re looking forward to trying the sweet potato crème brûlée.)


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Then, Patricia Sims joins us to talk about her in-progress documentary film Elephants Never Forget. The story centers around a young elephant who has a chance to be reintroduced into the wild after a life of street-begging. Along the way, the film explores the complex history of elephant-human relationships in the region. And it examines the elephants’ imperiled status in the region today, as young elephants are steadily taken from the few remaining wild areas to supply the insatiable demand of the tourism industry.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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