Knowledge Is Power: Che Green on Using Research to Advance Animal Advocacy

image_250wBig companies all use research to understand public opinion, hone their message, and measure their effectiveness. Shouldn’t animal advocates be able to do that, too?

That’s what Che Green had in mind when he founded the Humane Research Council. The HRC does research for animal advocacy organizations large and small (sometimes even for free!) and vegan-oriented businesses. Their tools include surveys, focus groups, and before-and-after assessment of campaigns’ impact.

How can research like this help animals? Green has some stories for us, like the survey that convinced tour companies to fund spay & neuter programs at their tour destinations. What are some of the current trends in fur sales, meat consumption, and vegetarians “backsliding” into meat-eating? What should you study in school if you want to do this kind of work? Green will answer these questions and more in this interview!

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

Check out some of HRC’s free resources for activists:, a treasure trove of research papers and data, Humane Trends, a “barometer of the status of animal protection in the United States”, and the Animal Tracker Graphing Tool.

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