Filmmaker Liz Marshall Shines a Light on The Ghosts In Our Machine

ghosts_in_our_machine_180wAward-winning filmmaker Liz Marshall joins Animal Voices to talk about her documentary The Ghosts in Our Machine. The film follows photographer Jo-Anne McArthur as she documents the lives of animals who humans use for food, clothing, entertainment, and research. They are the ghosts whose suffering becomes largely invisible inside the machine of industrialized society.

Marshall will introduce us to some animals who escaped the machine, like Maggie and Abbey the beagles, and Julia the sow. She will discuss the tension between the public’s hunger for information and the ever-more-secretive industry with its ag-gag laws. And along the way, she will give us a glimpse into both the art and the business of documentary filmmaking.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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