Your Tax Dollars at Work? The White Coat Waste Project Takes Aim at Government Spending on Animal Experiments

Anthony Bellotti wants Americans to know that animal experimenters are doing terrible things… to their tax bill.

white_coat_waste_180wIn a novel “pro-animal, pro-taxpayer” campaign, the White Coat Waste Project is telling people all about the $12 billion they are handing to vivisectors annually for experiments that are redundant, inapplicable to humans, and sometimes downright bizarre. The government is the largest funder of animal experimentation in the U.S., and the White Coat Waste Project wants to get the experimenters “off the dole.”

Join us for an eye-opening look at university lobbyists, grant proposals recycled for decades with minor changes, and economic stimulus money misspent on animal testing. A Republican himself, Bellotti hopes that all taxpayers — “Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, vegetarian” — will take a hard look at animal experimentation and demand that the government turn off the money tap.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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