Knowing Where You’ve Been: Carolyn Merino Mullin on founding a National Museum of Animals & Society

Mike GarrettFirst, we speak with Mike Garrett, the latest activist to be targeted with legal action by Marineland. Garrett, like many other activists, has been offering leaflets to tourists exiting Marineland, and for this he is being sued for 1.5 million dollars. Garrett sees this as a SLAPP lawsuit (a lawsuit designed to silence and intimidate critics) and intends to fight it.

Carolyn Merino MullinThen in our feature interview, we speak with Carolyn Merino Mullin, founder and president of the National Museum of Animals & Society. There are museums to preserve the history of the women’s suffrage and civil rights movements, so why not for the animal protection movement? We will hear about some of that history, including early groups like the Bands of Mercy and the Jack London Club.

The museum doesn’t have a permanent physical space yet, but you can check out the current exhibits online. They are also heavily involved in humane education, and offer free material from coloring books to university-level material. And if you have pieces of animal rights history in your own home — old leaflets, posters, petitions, correspondence — they would love to hear from you!

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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