Dine Gently, Live Wisely, Make a Difference: Victoria Moran on Being a Main Street Vegan

Animal Voices welcomes Victoria Moran, author, speaker, health counsellor, and founder of the Main Street Vegan Academy. The Adademy trains vegans to be educators and lifestyle coaches; its board of advisors and its roster of instructors reads like a who’s-who of the vegan movement.

victoria_moran_290x290Moran’s road to vegan educator was a winding one. Growing up in Kansas City, Missouri — a city with a steak named after it — she had an “avant-garde governess” who took her out for veggie burgers. Later, studying in England, she met many of the original members of the Vegan Society. And in 1977, as a young activist at an International Vegetarian Union conference, a last-minute cancellation propelled her onto a stage in front of 2,000 people — and she found her calling as a speaker and educator.

Moran will share these stories and more, including her tips for the optimal vegan diet, the day she got a little help from Michael Moore, and the outreach value of a swanky pair of vegan boots.

Listen right now: [audio


or download an mp3 of the show.

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