Dreams Can Become True: Claudio Pomo Reflects on the Green Hill Beagle Liberation

Photo by Animal Equality

Photo by Animal Equality

You’ve probably seen the pictures: beagle puppies being lifted past barbed wire, passed to waiting hands. The day was April 28, 2012, and a demonstration outside the Green Hill dog breeding facility in Italy spontaneously turned into a daylight raid. 70 dogs were brought out; eventually, Green Hill was shut down and all 3,000 dogs there were saved from life in a laboratory.

Claudio Pomo, an organizer of the demonstration, joins us to reflect on what factors came together to make the Green Hill campaign so successful. He will also update us on the groundbreaking anti-vivisection laws passed in Italy, and the vivisection industry’s PR counterattack. Still, when other activists rescue animals from cruel labs and cite Green Hill as their inspiration, Pomo knows that the spark that was created in Italy that day will continue to spread around the world.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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