Storytelling as a Form of Resistance: Coco Riot on Mythology, Spanish Nationality and Extinction

Coco Riot by Nuria Ayarra

Coco Riot, a queer Spanish artist believes art is not a tool for social change but social change itself.

“I feel that my art practice deals with a lot of powerful, mythical creatures oppressed by society in a labyrinth of rules and punishments,” says Coco.

Symbolic imagery is something Coco is drawn to in order to tell stories about the love and hate cultures show towards animals. This involves acknowledging the contradictions and asking questions about how animals are represented.

Coco describes their exhibit called the Demonstration, revolving around the minotaur, which in the Greek myth, was the son of a queen and a bull, a “monster” half bull half man. Seen as a monster, he was imprisoned in a labyrinth, Coco re-envisions this myth in illustrations and sculptures as a female who is not a victim, but frees herself and guides others.

Their stories connected the recent history of colonialism, globalization, and general environmental destruction.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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