Fish in the Tomatoes! Joan Reddy on how GM Foods Affect Animals and the Environment

Although many vegans skillfully avoid consuming meat, dairy, and eggs in defiance of the industries that raise and kill non-human animals for food, Joan Reddy explains that genetically modified foods, even some vegan ones, can be extremely harmful to non-human and human animals, as well as the environment. Advocates for organic food often cite that we do not yet know the extent of potentially adverse effects of GM foods. Consequently, GM companies often engage in animal testing. Furthermore, Joan explains that consumers of GM foods might have their health negatively affected because of the accumulation of pesticides and antibiotics.

Joan deconstructs GM proponents’ false claims that GM foods are better than organic foods for the environment and for alleviating world hunger, and further explains how companies such as Monsanto attempt to destroy smaller and organic farms. She calls for a ban to GM foods, as even improvements in labeling laws would not significantly improve the conditions for organic food producers. We also explore the importance of humane education programs in preventing the perpetuation of cruel and unjust industries.At the top of the interview, we also discuss the recent controversy surrounding how faux-meat product “Field Roast” has stopped exporting their products to Canada because the Canadian Food Inspection Agency is requesting that they test their products on rats. We contemplate how this issue shines a light on our current food system in Canada.

Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.


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