Which side are you on? Producing radical DIY media in times of activist repression

In this episode, you’ll hear us talk with Jeremy and Jordan, both long time vegan anarchists who are behind Which Side, a podcast by activists, for activists, that gives a platform for folks who are passionate about fighting animal, human and environmental oppression.9e4fdf2587230220c26d47ae44cbe926

We talk about producing DIY media projects, what it was like growing up in Utah with mormonism and straight edge being strong influences, having privilege in media and giving space for marginalized voices to share their stories, and the importance of prison support for political prisoners.

We aired right after Prison Justice Day, and included an older interview with Toronto Anarchist Black Cross.  We wanted to share why it is so important to support people who are in prison. If our movements are challenging the state, people who are active face repression. All prisoners are political prisoners. There are many ways to support to let prisoners know they aren’t alone and forgotten. You can financially support, listen and support prison radio and publications, write letters, send books, and more.


Listen right now:

or download an mp3 of the show.

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