From Incarceration to Liberation: Interview with Shannon Keith about the Beagle Freedom Project

To talk about the incredible rescue efforts of the Beagle Freedom Project, we are joined by Shannon Keith, civil and animal rights lawyer, president and co-founder of Uncaged films, and president and founder of Animal Rescue Media Education (ARME).  Shannon tells us about her kind and generous work  to rescue beagles who have spent their … Continue reading

Balaclavas and Beagles: Behind the Mask with Shannon Keith (Part II)

Outside of perhaps snowmobiling or winter camping, balaclavas generally don’t spur feelings of goodwill or safety. But for those who support the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), images of masked activists holding rescued animals serve as powerful emblems of freedom. Denounced as extremists and terrorists by some, and celebrated as heroes and freedom fighters by others, … Continue reading

Skin Trade, Pt. II: A Follow-Up Interview With Shannon Keith

The Fur Industry is at-once an incredibly complicated set of powerful economic relationships, and also a fragile commercial establishment built on a powerful illusion of luxury. Following up her film about the ALF, Behind The Mask, Shannon Keith returns to Animal Voices to discuss Skin Trade, her fast-paced examination of Big Fur that gives viewers … Continue reading