Inside Rodeo Culture with Karol Orzechowski

Inside Rodeo Culture with Karol Orzechowski

Karol Orzechowski spent two years studying rodeos — seeing inside rodeo culture in a way few outsiders ever get to. He joins us to talk about the history and culture of rodeos. Ever wondered where the animals at a rodeo come from — or where they go when the show is over? Maybe you’re curious to “follow the money” and find out who profits from rodeos. This interview will answer these questions and more. Continue reading

When The Fight Is Over: Cockfighter Rehabilitation With Miriam Jones

Cockfighting is major news in the United States these days, with almost weekly reports of police raids on the illegal fighting and gambling operations. What happens after the raids, rescue and relocation? On this week’s program, we catch up with Miriam Jones from the Eastern Shore Sanctuary who tells us about the politics and practice … Continue reading

Why Cockfighting Must End: Views from the United States and Puerto Rico

The ubiquity of cockfighting is shocking. Even in places such as the United States where the practice is illegal, underground fighting continues to be a lucrative (and inherently cruel) industry. Before a fight, roosters (or gamecocks) have their spurs cut off without anaesthetic, and metal or plastic razor-sharp blades (known as gaffs) are attached to … Continue reading

Different Ways of Knowing: Birding, Aquariums, and the End of Suffering? Part II

Traci Warkentin and Gavan Watson join us in studio again for Part II of “Different Ways of Knowing: Birding, Aquariums, and the End of Suffering?” In this conversation, Traci and Gavan describe the work of some of their influences, including environmental philosophers Neil Evernden, Val Plumwood, Donna Haraway, David Quammen, among others. They also provide a … Continue reading

Different Ways of Knowing: Birding, Aquariums, and the End of Suffering?

Between peering into binoculars and keeping meticulous checklists, for some outside the activity, bird watching may seem perplexing. Why do people enjoy it, and what does the practice reveal about human-animal relationships? Or, consider aquariums, with their carefully choreographed performances and animal-touching activities. What ideas about animals and conservation are encouraged through such institutions, and … Continue reading

Radio Against Rodeos

Animal Voices presents a triple feature on rodeos: Dr. Peggy Larson, a veterinarian and former rodeo competitor, on why she turned her back on the rodeo; Peter Fricker of the Vancouver Humane Society on his city’s decision to ban a number of rodeo practices; and Kamila Monroe of Wild at Heart on an upcoming protest against “The Great Markham Rodeo”. Continue reading