Artist, Bill Burns

Toronto-based artist and director of the Safety Gear for Small Animals company, Bill Burns talks about his touring exhibit on animal rescue, relocation and rehabilitation. Burns humourously combines his tiny rescue and safety items for endangered animals with helpful information that guides viewers through his exhibit. It offers a frightening warning about our management of the … Continue reading

Activism Through Entertainment with Bizarro comic illustrator, Dan Piraro

The first installment of our 2-part series on Activism Through Entertainment features Dan Piraro, creator of BIZARRO, one of the most popular comic strips of all time. Dan Piraro’s daily cartoon feature, BIZARRO, was first syndicated in 1985 and is published in the U.S., Canada, Europe, Asia, and South America and 12 collections of BIZARRO cartoons … Continue reading

Jonah Sachs of Free Range Graphics (creators of The Meatrix) and Paul Shapiro of Compassion Over Killing

Today, Animal Voices will be speaking with Jonah Sachs, co-founder of Free Range Graphics and visionary behind The Meatrix, the incredibly popular Flash animation about factory farming. Jonah will tell us all about alternative and activist-orientated graphic designing as well as give us the inside scoop on The Meatrix. In the last half hour, we’ll hear from … Continue reading

Art & Animal Rights with Amanda Moeckel

Join us for a conversation with two amazing artists: Amanda Moeckel ( and Jules Anslow ( Learn about what inspires them, and how animal rights/veganism have impacted their creative lives. Explore the potential of art to raise awareness about issues related to animal rights. Find out about some of their favorite works, and discover what … Continue reading