Jonah Sachs of Free Range Graphics (creators of The Meatrix) and Paul Shapiro of Compassion Over Killing

Today, Animal Voices will be speaking with Jonah Sachs, co-founder of Free Range Graphics and visionary behind The Meatrix, the incredibly popular Flash animation about factory farming. Jonah will tell us all about alternative and activist-orientated graphic designing as well as give us the inside scoop on The Meatrix. In the last half hour, we’ll hear from … Continue reading

Avoiding activist burnout with poet James Strecker and Miyun Park of Compassion Over Killing

Today’s show will be about activist burnout, both within activism in general and animal rights activism in particular. Burnout seems to plague our movement and other social justice movements. It can be alienating and depressing to continually confront the horrors of the world, with little opportunity to witness immediate change. Sometimes activists don’t take the … Continue reading