Critical Work: Human-Animal Relationships and Education

In this lively panel discussion, colleagues and friends Dr. Leesa Fawcett and Dr. Constance (Connie) Russell reflect on environmental education, critical pedagogy, and the rise of “human-animal studies.” Russell (whose research interests include animal-related ecotourism) and Fawcett (whose research interests include animal consciousness and cultures) offer their personal and professional experiences to highlight questions related … Continue reading

Animals, Ecotourism, and Representation

Please join us for a conversation with┬áDr. Constance (Connie) Russell, as we explore her research concerning animals and ecotourism. She’ll explain what draws herself and others to observe wild animals, such as whales and orangutans, and the ethical conundrums entailed therein. Throughout the interview, we’ll consider questions such as: What insights can ecotourism provide into … Continue reading