A Friendly Face-to-Face: An Upcoming Documentary Series Gets Personal

Although the term “vegan” is gaining cultural currency, who vegans are and what motivates them are still often subjects of widespread misconception and stereotyping. On the flip side, some vegans can stumble when explaining their ethical positions and dietary choices to a skeptical, or perhaps even receptive, audience. While graphic images and animal-related literature remain … Continue reading

Seeing Through the Fence: An Interview with Eleni Vlachos

Meat-eating is a ubiquitous practice through many parts of the world. While vegetarians are frequently asked why they eschew animal products, it is less likely to hear omnivores reflect on their dietary choices. Eleni Vlachos, with camera in hand and judgement reserved, takes to the streets in the United States to talk with activists and non-activists … Continue reading

Sharkwater: An Interview With Rob Stewart

Sharkwater: An Interview With Rob Stewart

Rob Stewart, director of the award-winning film Sharkwater, makes a compelling case for the global protection of sharks. Busting the myth that sharks are unstoppable killing machines, Stewart portrays them as complex and evolved beings whose survival is threatened by the lucrative shark-fin industry. Stewart has worked alongside Sea Shepherd to expose and stop shark poachers, at times under harrowing conditions. He joins us to talk about his film, his travels, and why sharks matter. Continue reading

Meat-eating and the environment

First, Curt Johnson briefly promotes his new documentary, Your Mommy Kills Animals, before its release in the United States on July 20. Then, Dr. Gidon Eshel, Assistant Professor at the Department of Geophysical Sciences at the University of Chicago, discusses his study, co-authored with Pamela Martin, entitled Diet, Energy and Global Warming. He sheds light on how meat-eating … Continue reading

Balaclavas and Beagles: Behind the Mask with Shannon Keith (Part II)

Outside of perhaps snowmobiling or winter camping, balaclavas generally don’t spur feelings of goodwill or safety. But for those who support the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), images of masked activists holding rescued animals serve as powerful emblems of freedom. Denounced as extremists and terrorists by some, and celebrated as heroes and freedom fighters by others, … Continue reading

Vivisection in Brazil & Militancy in the Animal Movements

First, director Denise Gonçalves will talk about the new film Não Matarás, which addresses animal experimentation in Brazil (includes subtitles in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese). The film, created by the Instituto Nina Rosa, offers an important snapshot of animal activism in Brazil, and a devastating picture of animal cruelty within research labs and universities. Gonçalves … Continue reading