Dylan Powell on Veganism in Occupied Territories

Dylan Powell on Veganism in Occupied Territories

Dylan Powell talks with AV about veganism in occupied territories. The system of animal agriculture brought to the Americas 500 years ago is hungry for land — for grazing, for feedcrops — and its expansion is tied to land theft, displacement, and environmental destruction. Might activists fighting this system recognize as allies the Onkwehon:we (original people) activists fighting to protect remaining wild spaces against pipelines, fracking, and suburban sprawl? (Photo from ontarioplaques.com) Continue reading

MAD Update, SLAPP Lawsuits, and the 2012 North American Critical Animal Studies Conference

Dylan Powell is back on the show to not only give us an update on the Marineland Animal Defense campaign but to also talk about the ways that MAD and Shark Allies Niagara have dealt with the threat of SLAPP lawsuits (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation). An important conversation considering the current climate of repression to … Continue reading

Operation Crush Captivity!: Dylan Powell of Marineland Animal Defense

We were joined very briefly last week by grassroots, DIY activist and co-founder of The Vegan Police, Dylan Powell. Dylan discussed the news that Seaworld has won a lawsuit against Marineland over the custody and care of Ikaika, an 8 year old Orka. Dylan is back today to tell us more about the Marineland Animal Defense (MAD), whose stated goals … Continue reading

DIY Punk Ethics and Animal Activism: Dylan Powell of the Vegan Police

Dylan Powell’s tireless efforts have helped establish Niagara, Ontario, as a major hotbed for vegan and animal rights activism in Canada. Started in 2008 as a campus community radio show, Dylan’s punk DIY baby, the Vegan Police (VP), has since migrated to podcast and has become, along with the creation of the extensive VP website, … Continue reading