Let’s Make Fur History

Let’s Make Fur History

Adrian Nelson, with the Fur-Bearer Defenders in Canada, joins Animal Voices to speak about campaigning against fur, specifically about #MakeFurHistory The Fur-Bearer Defenders have worked with LUSH Cosmetics and the Montreal SPCA to unveil shocking footage obtained in 2014. We discuss the landscape of fur farms and how they continue to operate in our backyards … Continue reading

Skin Trade, Pt. II: A Follow-Up Interview With Shannon Keith

The Fur Industry is at-once an incredibly complicated set of powerful economic relationships, and also a fragile commercial establishment built on a powerful illusion of luxury. Following up her film about the ALF, Behind The Mask, Shannon Keith returns to Animal Voices to discuss Skin Trade, her fast-paced examination of Big Fur that gives viewers … Continue reading

Voice of the Voiceless: Online and Offline Activism With Peter Young

Through avenues such as facebook, blogging and twitter, the internet has arguably become a powerful avenue for activists to share information, debate topics, and organize themselves. Though many (including Peter Young) would question the value and worth of online activism, it is for many veterans in the animal advocacy movements a new and necessary tool … Continue reading

West Coast Activism: Resisting the Fur Industry and Dissection; Visakha SPCA

First we hear from Rae Vasudevan, coordinator of Skinned!, a BC animal protection group. Two years of pressure from Skinned! has finally paid off: Famous Players has stopped advertising for the Fur Council of Canada and other independent furriers. Want to learn the secret of Skinned!’s success? Interested in learning more about the Canadian fur industry? … Continue reading