If You Want It: Gary Francione Discusses the Current State of Abolitionism

No one can accuse Professor Gary L. Francione, outspoken advocate of abolitionist animal rights, of mellowing with time. Though he has been writing books about animal rights theory and promoting veganism for decades, his energy shows no signs of abating. As he says himself in our conversation, he feels like the Energizer Bunny: he just … Continue reading

Animals as Persons: An Interview with Gary Francione

Gary Francione begins his new book, Animals as Persons: Essays on the Abolition of Animal Exploitation, with the following sentence-long paragraph: “My animal rights scholarship is controversial.” Known for his staunch critiques of animal welfare, Animals as Persons draws together a number of essays relevant to the Western animal movement today. In this interview, Francione … Continue reading

Vegans on the Hot Seat: Rae Sikora and Gary Francione Respond

Should insects have rights? What about plants? Don’t they feel pain, too? Isn’t meat-eating natural? What about religious texts that justify using and eating animals? Isn’t veganism classist, racist, Euro-centric, and culturally-insensitive? Why bother advocating for animals when there’s so much human suffering? Why be vegan when humanely-produced meat and dairy is now available? If … Continue reading

Gary Francione on the California ban on foie gras

On this week’s show Gary Francione, professor of law at Rutgers University School of Law, will share his controversial view regarding California’s foie gras ban, including his contention that the initiative isn’t a victory for the animals at all. Also, we’ll investigate the details of this ban, and consider the implications of the research plan posed … Continue reading