Animals and International Women’s Day

Dr. Mary Lou Randour (psychologist and author) will explore some of the connections between violence against women and violence against animals. She’ll also highlight some of her work as the director of the Beyond Violence Program, a joint project of the Doris Day Animal Foundation and Society & Animals Forum. Mary Zilney (Family Services Supervisor for Family and … Continue reading

Activism Through Entertainment Part II: Compassionate “Veg-ucation” and Veggie Video Games!

Join us for the second exciting installment of Activism Through Entertainment featuring: Kerry Lea who directs a performing troupe of vegetarian/vegan kids; and Johnathan Skinner, President and Founder of Veggie Games, Inc., creator of the video game, Steer Madness, and a founder of Vegan Voices, a Vancouver-based animal rights group. Karen Davis of United Poultry Concerns also gives us … Continue reading