With Every Fibre of Her Being: Ingrid Newkirk Talks about Changing the World

President and co founder of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) Ingrid Newkirk knows how to get attention. Famous for her shock tactic activism and reliance on celebrity endorsements, Newkirk’s role as a crusader against animal suffering has made her perhaps the world’s most recognized animal advocate. Her recent book One Can Make … Continue reading

Updates: Hurricane Katrina Part 2 & Sheena the New Vegan

After the media left, and the controversy began to subside, rescue workers continued their efforts in New Orleans. Laura Brown, a leading member of PETA’s Domestic Animal and Wildlife Rescue & Information (DAWRI) Department, shares her personal account of saving animals in the hurricane and flood-ravaged areas. From animals left in cages, chained in backyards, and … Continue reading

AR in Japan / PETA2’s Jason Bayless

First, we speak with author and environmentalist Sakae Hemmi of the Elsa Nature Conservancy from Japan who joined us August 30th to discuss the dolphin hunt. In this interview, Sakae discusses the state of the general animal protection movement in Japan. Then Jason Bayless, senior youth outreach specialist with PETA2, a youth marketing and resource branch of the People … Continue reading

Deep Vegetarianism with Michael Allen Fox; PETA’s wool campaign

On today’s show, we’ll be speaking with Matt Rice, campaign coordinator for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, about their Save the Sheep campaign against wool. Specifically, we’ll address the larger sheep farms in Australia and how the sheep are treated, sheared, exported and slaughtered. Then we’ll be joined by world-renowned scholar Dr. Michael Allen … Continue reading

Should pit bulls be banned?

We discuss pit bulls and debate breed bans with: Dr. Stanley Coren, one of Canada’s leading dog experts; Daniel Paden from People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals; Vicki Burns, Executive Director of the Winnipeg Humane Society; and Amy White, Director of Communications for the Toronto Humane Society. Plus Vanessa Holm of the Toronto Vegetarian Association talks about the 20th … Continue reading