Vivisection in Brazil & Militancy in the Animal Movements

First, director Denise Gonçalves will talk about the new film Não Matarás, which addresses animal experimentation in Brazil (includes subtitles in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese). The film, created by the Instituto Nina Rosa, offers an important snapshot of animal activism in Brazil, and a devastating picture of animal cruelty within research labs and universities. Gonçalves … Continue reading

Let’s Get Baked / Sistah Vegan

If “Let’s Get Baked” were a recipe, it would probably read something like: one part humour, one part music, and one part delicious food. Let’s Get Baked is Halifax’s premier vegan baking show. The hosts, Mat and Dave, along with radio personality Tom Westoll, bring listeners carefully-selected recipes and strangely-informative food tips, mixed together with artist … Continue reading

The Great Ape Project: Interview with President, Michele Stumpe

The Great Ape Project (GAP) calls for an extension of moral equality to encompass all great apes, not just human beings. The international collection of primatologists, ethicists, and other experts argues that we should expand our moral community to include these animals because of their similarities with humans, i.e., “they are intelligent beings with a rich … Continue reading

Animal Rites – Interview with Cary Wolfe

Please join us for a conversation with Dr. Cary Wolfe, professor of English at the Rice University in Houston, and author of the recently-published Animal Rites: American Culture, the Discourse of Species, and Posthumanist Theory; and Zoontologies: The Question of the Animal. A challenge to the humanist tradition (including much “animal rights” philosophy), Wolfe’s scholarship astutely explores … Continue reading

Deep Vegetarianism with Michael Allen Fox; PETA’s wool campaign

On today’s show, we’ll be speaking with Matt Rice, campaign coordinator for the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, about their Save the Sheep campaign against wool. Specifically, we’ll address the larger sheep farms in Australia and how the sheep are treated, sheared, exported and slaughtered. Then we’ll be joined by world-renowned scholar Dr. Michael Allen … Continue reading

Jennifer Wolch, Professor of Geography, on the convergences between racism, immigration, and the exploitation of animals

This week on Animal Voices, we’ll be speaking with Professor of Geography (University of Southern California), Jennifer Wolch, about her views and research on the convergences between ‘race’, immigration, and the exploitation of animals. We’ll look at how racist discourses influence the way animal abuse is represented in the media and general public. Part of our … Continue reading

Cheri Huber, Zen Buddhist and author of the essay One Less Act of Violence

It is my pleasure to announce this week’s guest on Animal Voices, Cheri Huber. Cheri has been studying and teaching Zen Buddhism for 30 years. She is well-known for her many books, including There Is Nothing Wrong with You, The Fear Book, The Depression Book, and When You’re Falling, Dive: The Power of Acceptance. Her article, One Less Act of … Continue reading