The Vegan MD, Dr. Michael Greger, on Atkins, Burnout, and Nutrition

Internationally renowned speaker, Dr. Michael Greger, discusses his new book, Carbophobia: The Scary Truth about America’s Low-Carb Craze, the risks involved with taking on the Atkins corporation through his website, activist burnout, and vegan nutrition. We also pose email and call-in questions for Dr. Greger on nutrition. Michael Greger, M.D., is a general practitioner, a founding member of … Continue reading

Dr. Lester Friedlander Exposes the Meat Industry as Canada Confirms Second Case of Mad Cow Disease

Mad Cow Disease has resurfaced in Canada as final results confirmed an Alberta dairy cow had bovine spongiform encephalopathy. Lester Friedlander, DVM, former chief veterinary USDA Meat Inspector who claimed for years that mad cow disease was present in North America, will speak on mad cow disease, what gets past the meat inspection lines, and … Continue reading