Vegans on the Hot Seat: Rae Sikora and Gary Francione Respond

Should insects have rights? What about plants? Don’t they feel pain, too? Isn’t meat-eating natural? What about religious texts that justify using and eating animals? Isn’t veganism classist, racist, Euro-centric, and culturally-insensitive? Why bother advocating for animals when there’s so much human suffering? Why be vegan when humanely-produced meat and dairy is now available? If … Continue reading

“I Used to be a Vegetarian…”: Interview with Rae Sikora Part II

On this week’s show we continue our conversation Rae Sikora, educator and founder of Simply Enough. Rae reflects on her experiences with meditation, and its relationship to her activism. She also talks about her recent trip to an organic turkey farm and the production of “happy meat”. In closing, Rae speaks about working with anger, themes … Continue reading