So <em>was</em> Jesus a Vegetarian? <em>A Faith Embracing All Creatures</em> addresses Christian Vegans’ Most Frequently Asked Questions

So was Jesus a Vegetarian? A Faith Embracing All Creatures addresses Christian Vegans’ Most Frequently Asked Questions

Ever found yourself in a debate about whether the Bible is for or against eating animals? Andy Alexis-Baker, co-editor of the book “A Faith Embracing All Creatures”, delves into that (surprisingly layered) question in an interview that will fascinate animal advocates of all religious stripes. Continue reading

Igniting a Debate: Environmentalism, Religion, and a Call to Action

On this week’s show we connect with Steve Best, who co-edited the provocative anthology Igniting a Revolution: Voices in Defense of the Earth, and Lisa Kemmerer who contributed a chapter entitled, “In the Beginning: God Created the Earth and ‘Ecoterrorism’”. First, Best introduces Igniting a Revolution and discusses “revolutionary environmentalism”, a central theme of the book. He … Continue reading

Feeding the Spirit: Vegetarianism and the Hare Krishna Movement

Hare Krishna followers are generally known for their sumptuous cooking and joyous dancing and singing, but few Westerners understand the history and philosophy of the movement, its influence on the rise of vegetarianism, and its relevance to animal welfare and rights. Join us for a conversation with Hindu scholar and disciple of Srila A.C. Bhaktivedanta … Continue reading

Cheri Huber, Zen Buddhist and author of the essay One Less Act of Violence

It is my pleasure to announce this week’s guest on Animal Voices, Cheri Huber. Cheri has been studying and teaching Zen Buddhism for 30 years. She is well-known for her many books, including There Is Nothing Wrong with You, The Fear Book, The Depression Book, and When You’re Falling, Dive: The Power of Acceptance. Her article, One Less Act of … Continue reading