Beyond Earth Hour & The Seal Hunt

Board games by candlelight… shadowy city skylines….Images of Earth Hour flicker across the mainstream and alternative media. As debates continue about the practical and symbolic impact of the action, the Toronto Vegetarian Association (TVA) suggests that we move “Beyond Earth Hour.” This perennial gathering promotes a long-term and everyday strategy to help decrease the effects … Continue reading

Remembering Seals: An Interview with Fred Bruemmer

While the mainstream media tends to frame the Canadian seal hunt as a clash between protesters and supporters, it’s easy to forget about the seals’ perspectives and experiences, especially those beyond the hunt. In response, today we’re speaking with Fred Bruemmer, world-renowned nature photographer and researcher. In this program, we primarily focus on Bruemmer’s encounters … Continue reading

Seal Hunt Protests: Interviews about Rhetoric, Strategy, and Tactics

We are joined by three animal advocacy groups to discuss anti-sealing activism. We want to explore why some groups focus on the hunt, and ask critical questions about rhetoric, strategy, and tactics. Centrally, we hope to promote a dialogue amongst activists: we’ll be featuring two Toronto groups (ARK II and Wild at Heart) in conversation with … Continue reading

Animals & Climate Change: National and International Perspectives

As news reports surface about polar bears starving and drowning, and images from Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth are still seared into the into the minds of many, popular concerns about global warming are mounting. In the midst of these concerns, global warming serves as a point of intersection between the environmental movements and animal advocacy … Continue reading

What IS nutritional yeast? / Seal Eco-Tourism Part 2

First, Jo Stepaniak, author of The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook, answers the mystical question, What the heck IS nutritional yeast? Find out how you can use it to make your favourite old comfort foods like grilled cheese sandwiches and lasagna, and open your world to Block Uncheeses and Spinach and Cheez Calzones. Being vegan or lactose-intolerant isn’t about depriving … Continue reading

Exploring the Seal Eco-Tourism Industry on Canada’s East Coast

With guest co-host, Melissa Tkachyk, Canadian Campaigns Officer for the World Society for the Protection of Animals, we’ll be discussing this year’s commercial seal hunt, the cultural issues associated with it, and the viability of eco-tourism options on the east coast for celebrating seals to replace the business of destroying them. We’ll also look at the … Continue reading

An Activist Sampler

We feature the premiere broadcast of Mirha-Soleil Ross’ interview with UK’s John Curtin, former ALF member and current public educator. In this provocative conversation, Curtin reflects on animal liberation praxis, social change, and media representations of his activism. Then we’ll be joined by Melissa Tkachyk, Earthroots‘ Wilderness Campaigner / Wolves Ontario! Coordinator, and Earthroots’ Campaign Director. They … Continue reading

The Seal Hunt / Cheap Vegan Eats

From muffins to megaphones, this show offers a hearty helping of local and national-based activism. First we’ll hear from Rebecca Aldworth, Humane Society of the United States‘ Director of Canadian Wildlife Issues, who will provide an overview of the Canadian seal hunt and explain HSUS’ controversial campaign, “Boycott Canadian Seafood,” which they hope will curb the … Continue reading