MAD Update, SLAPP Lawsuits, and the 2012 North American Critical Animal Studies Conference

Dylan Powell is back on the show to not only give us an update on the Marineland Animal Defense campaign but to also talk about the ways that MAD and Shark Allies Niagara have dealt with the threat of SLAPP lawsuits (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation). An important conversation considering the current climate of repression to … Continue reading

Getting Shark Fin off the Menu and Elephants to Sanctuary: Interviews with Shark Truth, Lawyers for Animal Welfare, and Zoocheck Canada

Welcome to a jam-packed show inspired by a week of victories for animals after Toronto city council voted to both ban shark fin and send the surviving elephants at the Toronto Zoo to PAWS sanctuary in California. First, we’re joined by Julie Woodyer, campaigns director at Zoocheck Canada who tells us about the struggle to send Iringa, Toka, and Thika to … Continue reading

Sharkwater: An Interview With Rob Stewart

Sharkwater: An Interview With Rob Stewart

Rob Stewart, director of the award-winning film Sharkwater, makes a compelling case for the global protection of sharks. Busting the myth that sharks are unstoppable killing machines, Stewart portrays them as complex and evolved beings whose survival is threatened by the lucrative shark-fin industry. Stewart has worked alongside Sea Shepherd to expose and stop shark poachers, at times under harrowing conditions. He joins us to talk about his film, his travels, and why sharks matter. Continue reading