Feminist Tools for Total Liberation: Exploring Commonalities of Oppression with Jennifer Cox

Feminist Tools for Total Liberation: Exploring Commonalities of Oppression with Jennifer Cox

At the top of the hour, we connect with Ashkon Hobooti to hear about the 4th annual Vegan Rock, which will happen at The Boat in the Kensington Market on February 23rd. Come listen to “happy, fun, upbeat” music from an all-vegan lineup of musicians — Dream Awake, Stefi Beck, Matt Zadkovich, and Hobooti himself — and indulge … Continue reading

Beyond Earth Hour & The Seal Hunt

Board games by candlelight… shadowy city skylines….Images of Earth Hour flicker across the mainstream and alternative media. As debates continue about the practical and symbolic impact of the action, the Toronto Vegetarian Association (TVA) suggests that we move “Beyond Earth Hour.” This perennial gathering promotes a long-term and everyday strategy to help decrease the effects … Continue reading

Veg 101 and Aftershock: Confronting Trauma in a Violent World

First up, we speak with Bev Miller, R.D., about the Toronto Vegetarian Association’s free “Vegetarian 101: Moving Towards a Healthy Heart Diet” nutrition talks. The March 17 talk is dedicated to “Protein, carbohydrates, and fats,” and the final session on March 31 will tackle “Making healthy lifestyle habits.” Get a taste of Bev’s accessible and lively … Continue reading

Toronto’s Vegetarian Food Fair: The Largest Veggie Festival in North America

From Sept 8 – Sept 10, an estimated 15,000 people will pass through the expansive grounds at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre for the 22nd Annual Vegetarian Food Fair. Over 100 exhibitors will share their knowledge and products with vegetarians and the veg-curious. Those interested in health, animal advocacy, and environmental issues will also enjoy a host of … Continue reading

Should pit bulls be banned?

We discuss pit bulls and debate breed bans with: Dr. Stanley Coren, one of Canada’s leading dog experts; Daniel Paden from People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals; Vicki Burns, Executive Director of the Winnipeg Humane Society; and Amy White, Director of Communications for the Toronto Humane Society. Plus Vanessa Holm of the Toronto Vegetarian Association talks about the 20th … Continue reading